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Best High-End Gaming PC

If you’re serious about building the best gaming PC possible, then our range of high-end builds will help you make sure you can do just that.

Why Build Your Own High-End Gaming PC?

Most gamers choose to build their own gaming PC simply because they’re such great value. The other option is to go with a pre-built PC, but that will end up costing more for less-effective components. 

By building your own high-end gaming PC, you can customize to make sure it’s exactly what you want it to be. And, it’s easy to upgrade and change when new hardware comes out.

How Much Does A High-End Gaming PC Cost?

If you’ve got the extra cash to pour into your gaming PC build then the sky’s the limit in terms of how much you can spend! Typically, anything above $1500 is considered a high-end build, and we’ve created build guides for a variety of price points above this, including our spectacular $5000 build for the true enthusiasts out there.

$1500 Gaming PC

As we enter into the high-end budget builds, you’ll start to see some seriously slick gaming performance. Our $1500 build can easily handle 4K and VR gaming, even in max settings. At this price point, you’re able to start investing in some top-of-the-line components to really get the most out of your build.

$2000 Gaming PC

As we add more money to our budget, we can now build a high-end gaming PC that can handle ultra settings in AAA games, bringing you some impressive gameplay – including ray-tracing graphics. We also include a substantial SSD to make sure you have plenty of room to store all those games you want to dive into.

$3000 Gaming PC

As we hit $3000, you get to leave compromises behind in the dust and really build the gaming PC of people’s dreams. You can afford the best GPU on the market and the most recent CPU meaning you can enjoy 4K gaming in ultra settings, any VR game you can think of, and a whole host of multitasking and streaming capabilities.

$5000 Gaming PC

With this $5000 high-end gaming PC build, not only are you more than equipped for any gaming you have your heart set on, but you can also dive into content creation, multitasking, and pretty much anything else you want. There are no compromises here, and you can go top of the line for every component on the list.

What To Prioritize In A High-End Gaming PC?

When it comes to our high-end builds, there are a lot fewer decisions on where to invest your money when compared to those with lower budgets. While you will probably not need to prioritize where to invest and where to save, nonetheless, here is the order in which you should choose your components: