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Best Mid-Range Gaming PC

So you’ve got a bit of money to play with, but you’re not ready to go all-out and drop the big bucks just yet, then our mid-range builds will be perfect for you.

Why Build Your Own Mid-Range Gaming PC?

The main reason so many gamers choose to build their own mid-range gaming PC is that it gives you the freedom to customize your rig however you want. 

The alternative is to find a prebuilt gaming PC in your budget which, although it can save time and effort, will usually end up delivering lower-quality components for the same price.

But, with a custom build mid-range PC, you can really get the most for your budget and enjoy great gaming for a great price.

How Much Does A Mid-Range Gaming PC Cost?

When it comes to defining what classes as a mid-range gaming PC, we tend to agree that $700 – $1000 is the real budget sweet spot. This range allows you to start diving into some pretty good gaming graphics, without needing to invest too heavily in all the latest components. Let’s take a closer look at the different price brackets for mid-range gaming PCs.

$700 Gaming PC

At the lower end of our mid-range builds is the $700 build. With this budget, you’ll be able to get fairly a decent CPU/ GPU combination and pretty fast RAM speeds to allow for AAA gaming. We still have to sacrifice some SSD space to keep the costs down, but despite this, a $700 build will work well for a lot of gamers looking to save a bit of cash on their PC.

$800 Gaming PC

As we move up in our mid-range gaming PC builds, we start to see quite sizeable increases in gaming performance. With a budget of $800, you’ll be able to start enjoying VR gaming, as well as 1440p resolutions too, thanks to the power of the available CPUs and GPUs. Again, we’ve opted for faster RAM over bigger SSDs, so this will still be the biggest compromise and the first thing we recommend upgrading when you have the cash.

$1000 Gaming PC

As we start to head into four-figure builds with our $1000 gaming PC, you start making fewer and fewer compromises. You’ll now be able to breeze through 1080p and 1440p with no issues, and VR and 4K gaming become easier than ever. With higher-caliber CPU and GPU combinations, and much bigger SSD options, you’ll find the increase in performance is more than worth the extra dollars.

What To Prioritize In A Mid-Range Gaming PC?

If you’re not an experienced PC builder, you may be wondering how to know what components to prioritize over others. When building your mid-range gaming PC, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. You have a bit more freedom here than you do with budget builds, but you’ll still want to make sure you’re concentrating on prioritizing the hardware listed below: