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Core i7-11700K CPU benchmarks leaked – Spoiler, it’s faster than Ryzen 7 5800X

It's leaked Benchmarks season once more - buckle up

11th Gen Intel Core processors 2

Here at WePC you have to skeptical about leaked benchmarks. A lot of the time they are simply going to be a way of gaining followers or clicks and compared to real-world scenarios when we actually get our hands on the chips themselves next year, the results will likely be considerably different. Not to mention, everybody will have long forgotten if these are wrong anyway.

Intel Core i7-11700K Geekbench CPU Benchmarks

These latest leaked benchmarks spotted by Leakbench & TUM_APISAK and show that the Intel Rocket Lake Core i7 with 8 cores beats AMD’s fastest Ryzen 7 CPU offering with 8 cores. Things are getting interesting.

CPU Name Single-Thread (1T) Multi-Thread (nT) Performance Difference Vs (1T) Performance Difference Vs (nT)
Intel Core i7-11700K 1810 11304 100% 100%
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 1672 16515 108% 68%
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 1663 10361 109% 109%
Intel Core i9-10900K 1405 10967 129% 103%
Intel Core i7-10700K 1349 8973 134% 126%


What this all means

You can see that the Intel Core i7-11700K offers higher multi-core performance than the Core i9-10900K which features more cores and threads and also has a much higher boost clock of 5.3 GHz. However, if only it was as simple as that, with Intel’s 14nm tech vastly inferior to AMD’s 7nm when it comes to power efficiency and thermals.

In short, like many leaked benchmarks, they simply cannot tell the full story and we will have to wait for a couple of weeks into the New Year before we start getting a closer look and some of Intel’s official data.

As ever watch this space.