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XPG Battleground XL Prime Mousepad Review

A nicely designed gaming mousepad that offers great reaction speed and beautiful aesthetics

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The humble peripheral is often overlooked by most casual gamers, deemed less important than other parts of the gaming setup. Whilst that might be the case for some, others could benefit hugely from a swift upgrade to their gaming peripherals – especially their mousepads.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the XPG Battleground XL Prime gaming mousepad – an RGB fueled, splash-proof, extra-large gaming surface that not only improves the aesthetics of your gaming setup but could improve your gaming too!

We’ll be putting this newly-designed mousepad through its paces to see how it stacks up in build quality, value for money, and overall performance in both gaming and productivity.

So, with plenty to get through, let’s waste no further time and dive straight into it!

XPG Battleground XL Prime


CORDURA® fabric


900 x 420 x 4mm


Dual-LED Strips


Water-proof material

Gaming aesthetic

Easy to transport


Surface not optimized for FPS

Some build quality issues

Tech Specs


CORDURA® fabric


900 x 420 x 4mm


Dual-LED Strips


Black (with red emblems)

Lighting Effects

Dual color LED

Connector Type

Micro-B USB

Cable Length





2 Years


As far as design goes, the XPG Battlegrounds XL Prime mousepad might be one of the best looking pads we’ve reviewed in some time. Despite most of the surface offering very little from a design standpoint, there is a nicely-designed tribal-Esq emblem on the left and XPG’s logo on the right.


That said, the standout design feature of this pad is definitely the RGB lighting that wraps around its entirety. You can change the color via the controller on the top left, choosing between several different options to suit your exact requirements. Whilst it’s not the most vibrant in daylight, the RGB really comes alive in the dark.


Looking at performance, the XPG Battlegrounds XL is a little hit and miss. Let’s quickly go over some of the pros.

The XL design of this mousepad offers a huge gaming surface which is great for people playing any kind of game. It offers all the space you could require to not only accommodate your keyboard and mouse, but also allows players of FPS to use extremely low sensitivity too.

xpgbattlegroundxlprime 12

The splash-proof scratch-resistant CORDURA fabric that is used for the surface feels great for slick movements. However, for accuracy in competitive titles, the BG XL (as we’ll now call it) doesn’t quite cut the mustard. The mouse feels very unstable on the surface, sliding around sporadically when you need accuracy most.

That said, it still offers great general build quality and excellent aesthetics for the most part.


That leads us nicely onto the general quality of the mousepad – and to be honest, you’d have to give it another thumbs up in this department.

xpgbattlegroundxlprime 16

At the base of the pad, XPG has installed a super-grippy anti-slip base that is efficient on almost every surface. Furthermore, with a fully detachable braided cable (used for the RGB), users can easily remove all cables if they don’t wish to utilize this particular feature.

One area that does feel a little lacking in quality, however, is the elastic stitching that holds the RGB strip in place. I feel if you use a mouse with a braided cable, over time, that elastic will begin to perish.

xpgbattlegroundxlprime 20

Also, as this pad has quite a firm makeup, it doesn’t sit exactly flat on your desk. I’ve been using this pad for some time now, and still it is a little rounded on the edges.


As far as size goes, the XPG gets another positive score from us. It offers an XL design which measures in at 900 mm x 420 mm, giving any gamer all the space they could require – especially good for those low sensitivity gamers that need the extra room to maneuver.

xpgbattlegroundxlprime 21

Furthermore, with a depth of 4mm, the XPG XL sits fairly flush with the table, removing none of the immersion you get whilst playing your favourite title.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it guys, our quick roundup of the very impressive XPG Battleground XL Prime mousepad – an RGB pumping, slick gaming mousepad that ticks a lot of the right boxes. 

Whilst this mousepad is great for most gaming (and productivity) scenarios, I’d still probably look at other alternatives if you play games in the FPS bracket. It doesn’t quite offer the accuracy one might need to take their game to the next level. 

That said, if you want a mousepad that looks stunning and feels great to use, the XPG Battleground XL Prime really should be high on your list of considerations.

XPG Battleground XL Prime


CORDURA® fabric


900 x 420 x 4mm


Dual-LED Strips

0 /5
Editor's Rating

The XPG Battleground XL Prime mousepad is one of the latest offerings from the Adata side brand. It offers great aesthetics and RGB, alongside a spacious gaming surface and a superb overall gaming feel. Whilst this isn’t the best pad in the world for FPS, it feels great for almost any other gaming and productivity scenario.