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Prebuilt Gaming PC

Building a gaming PC will always be more cost effective than purchasing a prebuilt computer. However, if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, don’t have enough time or find the task far too daunting then a prebuilt PC can be a fantastic choice. Having a PC that works straight out of the box, with warranties and software such as Windows 10 and wide range of drivers preinstalled can be hugely beneficial. If this is what you are looking for then check out our range of guides below for purchasing a prebuilt dream machine.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Guides

What is a Prebuilt Gaming PC?

A prebuilt gaming PC is pretty much what it says on the box, it’s a pre-assembled PC made so users don’t have to go through the inconvenience of building one themselves. Whilst this is great for individuals that aren’t very tech savvy and would struggle to build their own, it can come at an additional cost – with some components used being less than desirable 

The parts that go into a prebuilt gaming PC are meant to be tailored towards gamers and should have the ability to play games at a high level. Normally, when you buy a prebuilt gaming PC, the manufacturer will include a small benchmark of what games it can play and to what standards.

Why Should You Buy A Prebuilt?

Well, it’s simply really, you buy a prebuilt gaming PC if you don’t feel comfortable building a PC on your own from scratch. A lot of people will find building a PC a difficult process, and that’s just the first part of the custom-build puzzle. You’ve got to select the right components, make sure they’re compatible, and then put them all together.

Purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC takes all that stress away and enables you to simply switch it on and start gaming.

How Much Are Prebuilt PCs?

Prebuilt gaming PCs can cost anywhere from $500 right the way up to $5000+, so choosing the right one for your specific needs is pretty important – especially if you’re trying to get the most for your money. Below are some of the main price points and what they can offer:

$500 Prebuilt Gaming PC

$800 Prebuilt Gaming PC

$1000 Prebuilt Gaming PC

Prebuilt Gaming PC Vs Custom Built PC

In reality, the difference between a prebuilt gaming PC and a custom build is night and day. Prebuilt gaming PCs usually add a mark up to their pricing because someone has had to take the time to physically build it. With a custom built PC, you are just buying the parts, meaning you can get much better value for money as you’ll be doing the build for yourself. 

So, if you have $1,000 to spend, you’ll be able to find a very good prebuilt gaming PC. That said, for the same money, you will definitely get better value if you opt for the custom built PC instead. We’ve put together a Prebuilt Vs Custom gaming PC guide to help you make your mind up as to which one to choose.